Siding Coverage Tables

Our siding is typically sold by the lineal foot in 4″, 6″ or 8″ but we are happy to accommodate other widths as necessary. Note that widths are nominal measurements, whereas the actual/dressed width will be less.

In order for us to serve you better with your order, please be sure to confirm the actual pattern measurements when placing your order.

  1. Calculate the total square footage: length x height = square foot coverage
  2. Subtract the square footage of doors and windows
  3. Add 10% to cover trim and waste to Item 2 which gives you the estimated square footage you need to cover
  4. Find your pattern and nominal width in the table below
  5. Multiply your estimated square footage by the pattern’s Lineal Foot Factor

Tongue & Groove Siding Coverage

Nominal WidthDressed WidthExposed FaceLineal Foot Factor*
4″3 3/8″3″4
6″5 3/8″5″2.4
8″7 1/8″6 3/4″1.78
10″9 1/8″8 3/4″1.37

* Assume 3/8″ board overlap

Shiplap/Channel Siding Coverage

Nominal WidthDressed WidthExposed FaceLineal Foot Factor*
6″5 1/2″5″2.4
8″7 1/8″6 3/4″1.78
10″9 1/4″8 3/4″1.37

* Assume 1/2″ board overlap

Rainscreen Siding Coverage

Nominal WidthRevealLineal Foot FactorNumber of Clips Required*
4″2 5/8″4.63.8 clips per SF with 10% waste
6″4 5/8″2.62.14 clips per SF with 10% waste

Specs based on Viking Rainscreen Clip usage.

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